Anushka hurts because of Mega Camp.


Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi is preparing for next film Sye Ra Narsimha Reddy, he has not yet been acted in the movie. But Anushka Shetty was supposed to be in the film. She has already acted in a movie Baahubali. First, they selected Anushka Shetty. Because of her fat body, they replaced with ninathara.

At the same time, Prabhas next movie Soho. The director wants to give a chance for Anushka Shetty in the movie Soho. But here also Anushka Shetty is replaced with the Shradha Kapoor. Because of her fat body, she is not fit for the movie. Anushka hurts with losing of opportunities. She started Yoga to reduce her fat. Most of the hours she spends is in the gym with his personal trainer.

She has famous in the movie Baahubali. Now Because of her fat body, she lost all the opportunities in the movies, But In the future movies she decided to be in a good physic. In the meanwhile she hasn’t been in the public for some time.

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