Charmi Has Collected 4 Crores From “Paisa Vasool”


Charmi Has Collected 4 Crores From “Paisa Vasool”

We know that Balakrishna and Puri Jagannath is making a new movie called “Paisa Vasool” title is not completely clarity about the movie. A newspaper has released a shocking news about the movie. puri jagannath has taken Charmi as heroine but she demanded 4 crores for the heroine role of the movie. Actress Charmi is not in many movies which had been released newly so it’s a though call for the Charmi to demand 4 crores for the movie but most of the movies of puri jagannath heroine roll is dedicated to Charmi but back in days charmi isn’t acted in the puri jagannath movies and Charmi isn’t acting any of the movies which are new.

So the budget manger and producer are thinking that is she correct for the movie and also she is taking more budget for the movie. but however she had been fixed for the movie but she also demanded more money for the movie. However the movie is running in an awesome speed and the fans of Bala Krishna are waiting for the movie and we also know that puri jagannath movie will be an awesome block buster movie and the movie is been making in high budget.

Will Puri Jagannath decide the Charmi as Heroine or he will choose any other heroine let’s wait and see that the Charmi will be heroine of the movie or not. Let’s wait for the movie of the Bala Krishna.

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