Kathi Mahesh Review on Balayya’s Paisa Vasool


We all know, Before Big Boss, Katti give reviews on movies. After big boss and Pawan Kalyan incidents, He got a huge image on social media so his reviews also getting a huge response. Present kathi gave a review on Balayya’s “ Paisa Vasool ” movie. Let’s see what he told in his review.

As we know, this movie had a huge publicity because the first-time balayya working under puri direction and we all know what puri , balayya had. Balayya have great command on dialogues and puri’s small dialogues are very super so Telugu audiences had huge expectations on this movie.

Coming to the Kathi’s review, “For balayya, this movie is another ‘pokiri’ movie which is directed by puri and this story also had some similarities with pokiri. In the first half, Balayya acted like his own real life style and I think puri also expected the same thing. This is a good asset for this movie. Coming to the second half, it is somewhat lag, old stories, no twists finally second half Okay. This movie is fully entertainment for balayya fans”.

Coming to Other Divisions,
Music is good. Cinematography especially locations are too good. Balayya babu sexy song will get a huge response from the audience. Technically this movie is good. Shreya performance is okay.

Finally 1st half good, 2nd half Okay and Feast for balayya fans. This movie is good for the family audience also.


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