Natural tips for conceive twin babies


Twin babies, It is a big desire for most of the newly married couples. And they feel it’s not easy. But every one have chance to get twins and it’s not a big issue. If you also want twin babies just follow this article.

Ovulation is better in this stage

You may get good chances by getting more age. And according to science your ovulation is fast before menopoz. In that period your ovaries release more than one egg.


You may notice or not, many celebrities got twins by treatments for fertilization and test tube babies. If you fell difficult for conceive you would take in vitro fertilization.

Family history

If your relatives have twin babies you might have good chances for twin babies.

Take dairy products

Take more milk products with your meal like butter or cheese. Cow milk have different kind of insulin for getting twins.


Naturally obese people have high chances for getting twins but both babies are not alike.


If you are eating more yams you may get good chances for twin babies.

Good nutrition

If you are less weight that may reduce your chances to twin babies. So take healthy food.

Consult Doctor

Disclaimer: Before doing anything it’s better to consult doctor.

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