Reasons and Home remedy Tips for pimples


Reasons and Home remedy Tips for pimples

It’s not true that the pimples caused by eating oily or fat content food items and one more false is they will come for only the people who have entered into teenage. Pimples will come not only on face they also come on shoulders, chest, etc..


Hormone imbalance, functioning of oil glands, effect of contraceptive pills, medicine for TB and bacterial infections etc.. are the main reasons for getting pimples. Some times stress also one cause.

Problems by pimples

As per survey, 80% of the people are suffering from pimples. Mainly teenagers are getting by high changes in hormones. Actually pimples are two types. First one is small pimples. Those are observed in teenagers and they will recovered quickly. And doesn’t leave any marks. Next second type is big pimples. These give lot of pain and itchy. And mainly form on face only and leaves marks on face after recovery.

Prevention methods

It’s better to do exercises daily and wash your face 3 times per a day. If you get oily skin you should avoid oil foods. It’s better to do yoga to reduce mental tensions. Eat more green leaves, vegetables and fruits. Avoid sweets and cool drinks. And avoid using artificial creams. Finally sleep well.


Pimples will leave some spots on your face. But don’t worry, Nowadays we have more treatments for removing that spots. Laser, Dermarollers, erbium glass, ND YAG and IPL laser are the best for this treatment.

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