The Secret Behind the death of Dasari Garu


Dasari garu had a great fame in the telugu film industry. He directed more than 150 films and been a part of more than 250 films. He is well respected human being in the movie industry and society. The had plenty of social serving events and organizations. He bought up new people to industry and gave them life on silver screen. Such a great personality had passed away few days ago and the reason behind it have been revealed.

Dasari garu is suffering with few health problems and also wants to loose wait. He had a surgery to clear the problems and the surgery seemed to be unsuccessful. Later on after the operation Dasari garu suffered with few infection due to failure of doctor. Then to get it clear Dasari garu went on for another surgery but second time the same doctor is absent for the operation and other doctor participated in the surgery. Due to the failure of such things Dasari garu is no more with us.

Even though he will be remembered for his good works in the society. The is the shinning star in the movie industry forever. The members he bought up in the industry will remember him all the time. Rest in peace Dasari garu.

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